Long Division Strategies

Now that Common Core has changed the way we teach division, teachers are scrambling to find resources to teach repeated subtraction and the area model.  A lot of the resources out there are geared towards simple division problems consisting of one digit divisors.  Unfortunately, there are NOT many resources for teachers in the fourth and fifth grade.  Textbooks continue to cover only the standard algorithm, and we have been given no help to teach these new strategies.

This is why I created two different task card packages which can be utilized in so many ways.   Each pack includes a student directions page which provides step by step instructions and a model of how to use the strategy.


In addition, a game board, rules card, and spinner are included so that you can quickly turn the task cards into a fun and engaging game!

Slide10 Slide09Area Model for Long Division

This is probably the hardest strategy to find resources for because it is the most difficult to teach.  In this pack, I included a task card answer key with the area model completed.  You could post the answer task cards around the room for students to self-check their answers.


Repeated Subtraction for Long Division

Right now, there are a lot of repeated subtraction products for simple division problems available, but for fourth and fifth grade you have to use the strategy for long division with two digit divisors.   This is why I created this pack of task cards.


As a long division strategy, it is the easiest one to understand; however, it is also the easiest to make mistakes.  A lot of problems have quotients of 25 or more.   This would be extremely time consuming which is why all of the quotients in my pack contain more manageable numbers.

You can find both of these task card packs by visiting here.  Task cards are absolutely wonderful, and  I hope you find these resources helpful!


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